GA school superintendent visits Tubman Middle

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News 12 first at five, January 24, 2008

Augusta, GA---The forecast hasn't been great for Tubman Middle School. They have struggled to meet state education standards for years. The state school superintendent Kathy Cox stopped in Thursday. It's sink or swim for students at Tubman. With testing just around the corner, and the state threatening takeover Kathy Cox came to town for a little encouragement.

She was met with a chorus of greetings. It was her first stop in Richmond County this school year. "I'm really not here necessarily to write a report per say...but really here to give encouragement."

Cox and her staff marched door to door stopping at English, Math, History, and Science classes. Superintendent Cox even took part in the lesson.

Her observation..."Well I've seen some very wonderful students today, and some very hardworking teachers."
Some teachers who at one point were looking to abandon ship are now saying the tide is beginning to shift with a new principal in place.

"The question is can we maintain it, sustain it, and build upon it, and that's what I hope happens," said Richmond County School superintendent Dana Bedden. "I think it's very presumptuous to think that we could run a school in Augusta from we as a state department hire very talented people to work for us, but we've hired talented people out of local districts."

And Superintendent Cox says keeping things local is within reach. "I think that what we have to say to the students of Tubman and the faculty of Tubman is that you can do it, and it's hard work but we know that anything in life that is worth doing is never easy."

The superintendent spent more than 2 hours at the school today. She had lunch with students, and met privately with teachers on a fact finding mission.

Adequate yearly progress results will come in this July. Those results will determine the schools future.

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