Tubman Middle community reacts to superintendent visit

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News 12 at six o'clock, January 24, 2008

Augusta, GA---First a new principal...now a visit from the state school superintendent. Some say it's time for parents and the community to get involved. Charles Gibbens is a 7th grade history teacher at Tubman Middle School. He has been encouraging students to speak up for 7 years now.

"I think they're the best...I think they're the best students in Richmond County." But students like Natasha Willis are facing a big challenge. They have not made AYP or adequate yearly progress in 8 years. "This school may make ayp this year," said Willis.

Natasha says things are changing for the better now that new school principal Wayne Frazier has taken over. "He sent a lot of people home. Most of the people that may cause the trouble out here at Tubman Middle School they mostly gone home."

Dr. Frazier is able to keep his eye on all his students from his office with cameras in place. This in an attempt to make sure all 550 students at Tubman are okay. "I just want to make sure that the climate of the school is conducive for teaching as well as learning."

Ruth Claiborne is the school secretary. She says she files fewer discipline reports.

"I use the phrase...there is a new sheriff in town and nothing meant by that but I just think that because we have someone new and he's coming in with real positive ideas and structure."

The school invited state school superintendent Kathy Cox to take a look at that structure, and Dr. Frazier says it won't stop there. "I just want to highlight this...If I'm to roll the red carpet out...the carpet is going to be rolled out for those parents that traditionally or for whatever reason don't show up."

Dr. Frazier says his true bosses are the taxpayers, and that means he'd like to see more parents visiting to promote an academic village.

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