Oscar McDowell to plead guilty

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January 23, 2008, News 12 at 11

ORANGEBURG, S.C.---In a court appearance last year, Oscar Beecher McDowell yelled out in court, "That's not true at all, I didn't kill anybody man! I didn't kill Ruby, I loved her! I didn't do it!"

Now, almost a year later, McDowell may be changing his story.

The family of 31-year-old Ruby Thompson tells News 12 they learned Wednesday afternoon that her accused killer, 29-year-old Oscar McDowell, will plead guilty in an Orangeburg Courtroom on Thursday, January 24th.

Thompson's family is asking for the death penalty.

Thompson's body was found in McDowell's home in February of 2007.

She was shot twelve times, her body had been mutilated and then set on fire.

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