Aiken County superintendent begins tour of schools

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News 12 First at Five, January 23, 2008

AIKEN CTY, S.C. --- New Aiken County Superintendent Dr. Beth Everitt started her tour of all 40 schools in Aiken County on Wednesday.

Dr. Everitt says this is what it's all about. Getting out into the schools to find out first hand what is going on in the classrooms.

The first stop, Belvedere Elementary School.

"There isn't a school in this state, or in this county, that I wouldn't say come see Belvedere," says Dr. Everitt.

It starts with the bear claws, then through the front doors, into the hallways and then into the classrooms. They say, first impressions last a lifetime. As for her first impression here...

"Wow. You walk in and I didn't see the pipes quite honestly. What I saw was the beautiful art and the directional sign out front," says Dr. Everitt.

Hiding the pipes could help Dr. Everitt's plans for Belvedere.

"You want buildings to be energy efficient. And, as the Principal has shared with me windows or lower ceilings, those are things that would help energy and save costs. Take the best you'll see here and put it everywhere," says Dr. Everitt.

Everywhere, including her next stop: Mossy Creek Elementary School.

"Certainly, the architecture of this building is wonderful. And, it's energy efficient, which is what we want as we saw at Belvedere. We want that to be improved," says Dr. Everitt.

Her first impression at Mossy Creek, "wow. The light is beautiful!"

"Teachers and kids need to have that natural light. It just makes you feel good," says Dr. Everitt.

"What I want is for every class in every school in Aiken County to have the same quality education," says Dr. Everitt.

Dr. Everitt also toured Hammond Hill and North Augusta Elementary School this afternoon. She plans to finish her tour of all the schools by February 8th. We'll check in with her then to see what she found out on her tour across the county.

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