Dems mark MLK Day in Columbia

January 21, 2008

COLUMBIA, S.C.---With the South Carolina Democratic Primary set for this Saturday, candidates are in Columbia for a Martin Luther King, Jr. rally.

Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards are speaking to voters at the statehouse during the NAACP event.

They spoke to almost 6-thousand people about Dr. King's dream of unity and equality for all races.

Obama said- ""King inspired with words not of anger but of urgency that speaks to us today. Unity is the great need of the hour."

Clinton remembered King as a worker. " Dr. King didn't back down to from the hard work and neither can we. He followed the light of his conscience in the darkest hour and so can we. He inspired a generation, one after another."

Edwards remarks included references to the war. "We can no longer stand silent in this war on Iraq, we have to bring our men and women home from Iraq."

From Columbia, the candidates traveled to Myrtle Beach for a televised debate Monday night.

It's also sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute.

Polls open at 7 am Saturday morning in South Carolina. They close at 7 that night.

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