North Augusta child is granted his wish

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News 12 at 11, January 18, 2008

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC --- Meet 6-year-old Tre'on Moton. He's a first grader at North Augusta Elementary School. His mother Sandy said Tre'on has epilepsy and suffers from epileptic seizures.

"They did a test and every part of his brain is sitting with a seizure. So with out medication, he has up to 100 seizures a day or more," Sandy Moton said.

Sandy said Tre'on takes ten pills a day. She said she found out her son had epilepsy when he was just 2-years-old, but doctors told her, he's been having seizures since he was born.

"Pretty scary. It's real scary at times," Moton said.

And sometimes the seizures are pretty severe.

"He just goes out and there's nothing that we can really do. We have to call the ambulance and they have to administer him oxygen," Moton said.

Sandy said they have called the ambulance three different times to their house.

"Sometimes he be jerking. The last time he had one he was just rolling across the floor," Moton said.

But Tre'on has something to look forward too, after the Make-A-Wish Foundation called to say his wish was granted.

"I'm going to Disney World," Tre'on Moton said.

That's right, Tre'on and his mother Sandy are going to Disney World. The Make-A-Wish Foundation strives to impact the lives of children who suffer from life-threatening medical conditions--they do this through their wish-granting network. Their goal is to bring children hope and joy. And it looks like that's exactly what they did.

"When I found out I was like wow! Then when my son found out, when he got off the school bus he was like yeah," Moton said.

Sandy and Tre'on will go to Disney World for a whole week in February.

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