Mixed reaction to plan for North Augusta riverfront homes

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News 12 at 11, January 15, 2008

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC --- Things are changing in North Augusta. One of the most obvious projects is the new municipal building as you cross the river on Georgia Avenue, and Hammonds Ferry continues to develop.

One of the newest proposed projects is also on the water. It's a new development called Kingery Landing, adjacent to River North on the Savannah River. The 30-acre site would consist of 256 luxury apartments and about 40-single family homes.

"Apartments are something we do not have a good deal of in North Augusta. We believe there is a market demand for it," North Augusta Director of Economic and Community Development, Skip Grkovic said.

The new neighborhood is on the Savannah River, immediately downstream from the Gordon Highway Bridge. It's also by River North Drive. Amy Iannacone says she's concerned about the apartments being so close to her River North neighborhood.

"Not that we're opposed to apartments, but there are million dollar homes in this neighborhood and we feel like it will bring our land value down," she said.

And her husband said another concern they have is traffic.

"I'm against it because of the congestion. My wife and I moved out here to get away from all the city life," Richard Iannacone said.

North Augusta Director of Economic and Community Development, Skip Grkovic said this riverfront development is significantly important to the city.

"One of the intriguing things about Kingery Landing is the riverfront will be a public access Greeneway for the entire length of that property. And ultimately if the property develops, it would be tied into the city's Greeneway at a point in the future. I think it's in the interest of the city's to provide a choice of housing opportunities and this helps to fulfill that," Grkovic said.

Grkovoc said the Kingery Landing plan will go before the City Council on February 4.

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