67th Signal Battalion returns home

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News 12 First at Five, January 14, 2008

FORT GORDON, Ga.---Fatima Fultz finds comfort when she looks at her two sons.

"Every time I look at their faces, I see him right there," she said.

Her husband Charles was in Iraq for fifteen months. Just like the rest of the crowd gathered at a gym at Fort Gordon, she couldn't wait for her loved one to come home.

And that's exactly what they did Monday morning at Augusta - Bush Field Airport.

"It's been about 14 months and twenty-something days, but who's counting," said Lt. Col. Michael Plummer.

The 67th Signal Battalion was only supposed to be in Iraq for 12 months, but after being there six months the troops learned their stay would be extended to 15.

"To have that extra 90 days allowed us to do a lot of extra work over there,"Lt. Col. Plummer said.

One smiling soldier had one thought on his mind while on the plane home.

"I was ready to get here, I was thinking I can't wait to get to Augusta," said Sgt. Jarvus Glover.

Once they were on the ground, they couldn't wait to get to Fort Gordon to meet their friends and family.

They got the star treatment: a convoy complete with police escorts, and the same motorcycle group that saw them off made it a point to welcome them home.

When they made it to Fort Gordon, they were greeted by loud applause from the crowd.

The tears flowed, the kissing commenced, and hugs were all around.

Fatima and her husband couldn't be happier.

"It feels real good to be home after 15 months. I know so much has changed with my family. My sons are getting bigger, my wife is looking as beautiful as ever," said Staff Sgt. Charles Fultz.

Their son Isaiah has big plans to go to the playground and have a picnic with his dad.

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