Club Dreams won't reopen

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News 12 at 11, January 14, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- It's been a rough 2007 for Club Dreams. With noise violations and violence. Most recently, two men were shot in the parking lot after a fight broke out early Christmas morning. And now, the doors at Club Dreams are closed for good.

"As of now, we're closing Club Dreams ourselves. And Club Love, we're pushing it to the side. And to bring the new Love Conventional Center to mentor youths," Owner Dennis Johnson said.

That center would be on Damascus Road. Johnson said their plan right now is to give developers out of Atlanta seven days to buy them out of their lease for a total of $200,000.

"If they can't decide within seven days from tomorrow, we'll move forth with the new Love Conventional Center," Johnson said.

They said the center would be used to monitor and help mentor to the youth every Saturday. On Friday and Sunday it would be used for a Christian gathering place. And Monday through Thursday, the center would be used for business meetings, events, and other occasions.

"We're looking forward to just moving forward. Getting past Club Dreams issues and moving forward to bigger and better things," Owner, Marion Rosier said.

Unlike Club Dreams, the new center would cater to a different crowd.

"I think we need a place where the Christians can go. Especially the ones that don't like night clubs. No alcohol. Just a place to rejoice and gather. A lot of single Christians need a place. So we think this will be a great opportunity to do something positive," Johnson said.

Club Dreams is on the agenda for the Augusta Commission meeting tomorrow. The owners said they won't be there. They said there is no reason to go because they won't be asking to transfer a business license for Club Dreams or a liquor license.

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