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John Edwards
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News 12 at 11 o'clock, Jan. 12, 2008

BARNWELL, S.C. --- The Presidential Campaign making stops in our area this weekend. Senator John Edwards making stops in the area to get his message out to you - the voter.

Just 2 weeks before the Democratic Primary in South Carolina, Senator John Edwards visiting Aiken and Barnwell telling voters he's the potential President who will help you... like taxes, jobs, education and healthcare. News 12's Gene Petriello talked with Senator Edwards 1-on-1 on those issues and more.

News 12 asking, "Is your message hitting home when you're on the campaign trail and how is the campaign going for you?"
Sen. Edwards answering, "We have a lot of energy and momentum here in South Carolina. I'm fighting for energy, jobs and the economy which is everything in South Carolina. And, I understand it personally like other candidates can't because I was born here and lived here."

News 12 asking, "Two weeks away from the Democratic Primary and right now you're in third place. You were born here in SC. What are you going to do to get to the top?"
Sen. Edwards answering, "I was in 4th place last time at this point and I won the SC Primary. So, what I know is when I get through the noise and the glitz, people really love my ideas."

News 12 asking, "Biggest challenge facing America today. What is it and how are you going to fix it?"
Sen. Edwards answering, "Healthcare doesn't work. We need to cover everybody and bring down costs for everybody. And second, we got to end the War in Iraq."

News 12 asking, "The War in Iraq is a big issue. What's your plan as President?"
Sen. Edwards answering, "First year I'm President I'll get all combat troops out of Iraq. I'll end combat missions."

News 12 asking, "Another key issue is the economy. Looks like this year is going to be a recession year. What are you going to do to turn this around in '09?"
Sen. Edwards answering, "We're gonna have an economic stimulant package that doesn't exist today. We're gonna invest in green infrastructure and green jobs. More help to the states so they can invest in local communities."

News 12 asking, "John Kerry this week endorsed Senator Barack Obama. You used to run with him in '04. How do you feel about that and respond to that?"
Sen. Edwards answering, "Oh, John Kerry is a good man. Politicians make decisions about who to endorse for their own reasons. I think the world of John Kerry. My view is most voters in South Carolina aren't going to be told who to vote for, they'll decide on their own."

The South Carolina Democratic Primary is January 26th. The Republican Primary in South Carolina is set for Saturday, January 19th.

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