New principal at Tubman Middle School

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News 12 at 11, January 11, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- Teachers at Tubman Middle School met behind closed doors Friday afternoon for more than an hour. Richmond County School Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden was there to guide the school in a new direction. New leadership has stepped in, and Principal Dr. Wayne Frazier said he's excited to be at Tubman Middle School.

"I'm elated that the board unanimously gave me the vote of confidence to come and work with Tubman," Principal Dr. Wayne Frazier said.

Principal Frazier said the first thing on his agenda is getting to know the staff to see how they can work together to improve their school.

"So before I start making plans to say I'm going to do a specific thing, I need to first access the situation and thats what my immediate plans are," Principal Frazier said.

Superintendent Bedden said parents and teachers at Tubman need to work closer together.

"One of the things I discussed with the staff was the issue of they have to be consistent in their expectations so if there's an expectation of how things are done in the building everybody has to do them. It has to be buy-in," Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden said.

Dr. Bedden said a new principal is just part of the solution.

"The solution is everybody here. I mean he's just a piece of the puzzle, but one person is not going to change it by themself, it has to be a team. There's no "I" in team and thats the conversation I had with the staff and with him," Dr. Bedden said.

His hope for Tubman, a climate and culture that supports instruction. A place where teachers can help the students without all the other distractions with student language, behavior, and attendance issues.

"Part of the problem here is all the things happening around the school. You know the school is part of the community. So part of the issue is what's happening outside of school is brought inside the school," Dr. Bedden said.

Dr. Bedden said the school needs more community support. They need volunteers and hall monitors. People who can supervise which will create more structure in the building, and move everyone forward.

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