Rush hour wrecks on Peach Orchard Road

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January 10, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga--Four separate accidents were reported on Peach Orchard Rd. this morning.

They were all within an hour of each other, and deputies say wet roads probably played a part.

The first accident happened at Peach Orchard and Pepperidge Dr. A Corolla hit the back of a Chevrolet that was stopped after it hit a car on front of it.

No one was hurt or cited.

About ten minutes later there was another wreck, involving four cars. One driver swerved to miss stopped traffic and ended up hitting two other vehicles.

One of those cars then hit a truck.

There were also two more accidents on Peach Orchard Rd. In one of them, a car was forced off the roads and into the woods.

News 12 reporter Samantha Andre was there, and she also saw two other cards sliding on the wet road. Deputies remind you to be very careful and give yourself extra time and distance when you drive on wet roads.

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