Augusta job outlook seems good for 2008

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News 12 First at Five, January 8, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Unemployment has hit a two-year high in the nation, but locally the numbers are better.

That could be good news for those looking to find a job, something Sekethia Ford really wants to do.

Ford just graduated from Augusta State with a degree in criminal justice. Her job hunt has been a little stressful, but she's optimistic.

"I just don't know how far, how long I'm gonna have to wait. I know it's coming, I just don't know when," she said.

Ford's been getting help from the ASU Career Center. Director Julie Goley says it's a good time to be looking for a job in Augusta.

"I think when you have new companies coming into the area, that's a great sign," Goley said.

And Augusta has seen its share of new companies lately. T-Mobile brought about 750 new jobs.

ADP has added about 300 jobs to the area so far, with more expected in the coming years. The company wants to build a new office on Flowing Wells Road, and plans to toal 1,000 jobs in the area.

Goley expects other businesses will come to Augusta in the coming years.

"I think we continue to be an area people wanna live in. And if you've got people that wanna live here, you're gonna have companies who want to capture that population," she said.

As for Ford, she can't wait to put her degree to good use, and she wants to set a good example for her 3-year-old daughter.

"If I can tell her mommy did it. You know, she'll feel like as though she can do it as well," she said.

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