Woman who lost cat finds similar-looking cat decapitated

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News 12 First at Five, January 7, 2008

Hephzibah, Ga. --- It's an unusual case of animal cruelty. Marlene Williard lost her family cat on New Years Eve and has been searching for it ever since. Yesterday, her neighbor knocked on her door and said she found a cat that looked almost identical.

Ever since her cat went missing on New Years Eve, she's spent hours searching the neighborhood and passing out fliers on Hephzibah McBean Road and a convenience store on Mike Padgett Highway. On Sunday afternoon, Marlene said a cat was found laying here in the drainage ditch in front of her house. When she pulled the cat out of the drainage ditch, the cat's head was missing.

"I went to the ditch and looked and she had been decapitated," Marlene Williard said.

The incident report said, "some unknown person(s) twisted the head off the cat and threw it into the drainage ditch." The incident report also said, "it's obvious that the head was twisted off and not accidental by another animal." Marlene said she is heartbroken and can't believe someone could abuse an animal like this.

"After looking over the cat, I believe that a person did this purposely," Williard said.

Marlene said the animal looked exactly like her cat except it was missing a black spot on her stomach.

"I don't believe it is our cat but it is a cat in the neighborhood that was treated like that," Williard said.

Marlene said she wants to know who abused this animal and find out what happened to her cat. She said it was part of her family.

"For eleven years, she's been out in our yard. She doesn't really go out of the yard. She comes back in. We've never had any problems. It's horrifying to think something like that happened to your pet," Williard said.

Marlene said she just wants to know who killed this cat. So far there has only been an incident report filed with the Sheriff's Office.

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