Men wanted for stealing hundreds of dollars in change

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, January 7, 2008

EDGEFIELD, S.C.---Police want your help catching two men for stealing money from change machines in Edgefield County.

Thaddeus Andrews lives near a carwash that was robbed.

"It's a surprise," he said.

He's also surprised at how they may have done it. The men are accused of rigging it so when they put a five dollar bill in the machine, they get the change and they get the bill back, too.

A police report says $75 was missing at the carwash.

"I think they just have nothing else to do, to be honest with you. It's really not worth it at all," Andrews said.

But the robbers must have thought it was worth it.

Police say they did the same thing twice at a laundromat. Incident reports show they got $358 one time, and $75 the other time.

Police say they usually spray-paint over surveillance cameras, but didn't do a good enough job at the carwash.

In the video you can see their faces. Both are white males. One is believed to me in his mid-forties and the other around age 30. Police think their car is in the video, too. It's a red four-door SUV.

"We wanna get 'em off the street as soon as we can. And hopefully try to put an end to it," said Chief Chris Aston of the Johnston Police.

Andrews wants the exact same thing.

"I do kinda feel unsafe about it, you know, cuz it's so close in the community," he said.

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