Two tractor-trailers hit head-on near Olar

January 7, 2008

OLAR, S.C.---One man is dead after an accident involving four tractor-trailer trucks, two of which collided.

It happened shortly after noon. Three semi trucks were traveling south on Highway 321. One of the trucks lost a wheel. The wheel went into the northbound lane, where a 2005 Mac beer truck traveling north ran into it and lost control.

The southbound trucks attempted to get out of the way, but the last truck collided with the northbound truck.

The northbound tractor-trailer was burned beyond recognition, and the driver was killed.

Willy Telote of Rincon, Georgia, driver of a 2002 Freight Liner, and Eddie Best of Orangeburg, driver of a 1995 Mac, were both wearing their seat belts and did not go to the hospital.

Roger Telote, brother of Willy, was driving a 2002 Freight Liner. The truck was empty but it burnt to the ground, and he was taken to MCG by helicopter.

Several fire trucks and helicopters responded to the scene.

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