Local Update - January 4, 2008

South Carolina Primary

Now that the Iowa Caucuses are over, and Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are in the lead, the focus is shifting to other states. The next big vote is in New Hampshire, but South Carolina isn't far away from the spotlight.
The Democratic Primary is January 19th.
The Republican Primary is January 26th.

Georgia Primary

Georgia voters head to the polls February 5th for their primary. Both the Democratic Primary and the Republican Primary are on the same day.
Monday is your last day to register to vote.
The deadline has already passed in South Carolina.

Searching for School Vandals

Richmond County investigators are trying to find those who vandalized Dorothy Hines Elementary School.
A computer was stolen containing social security numbers of teachers and students.
On top of that, the vandals set walls on fire, ripped up bulletin boards, and even burned an American flag.
Most of the damage happened in the portable classrooms.
The principal says it's the second time this has happened.
In all, the vandals did $5,000 in damage.

Bank Robber Search

Edgefield investigators there are on the hunt this morning for a suspected bank robber.
They're looking for a man who robbed the Carolina First Bank of Main Street Thursday.
They say a man wearing a dark jacket, a black cap, and sunglasses walked into the bank on Main Street with a handgun.
After getting the money, he ran out of the bank.

Botanical Gardens to Open this Weekend

The Augusta Botanical Gardens will open this weekend under city management.
It will be open every Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
The Augusta Commission has voted to provide $65,000 for maintenance.
This all comes after the governor cut the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame out of the state budget, forcing the park to close.

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