Community reacts to planned Club Dreams move

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, January 03, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Augusta's Club Dreams closed its doors following a shooting on Christmas morning. Now, they're making plans to move. But after a noisy and violent year its future neighbors are speaking out.

Dennis Johnson is co-owner of Club Dreams. He says, "We want to move forward we want a new beginning."

The popular nightspot along Washington Road was plagued by noise violations and violence in 2007. The latest is a shooting Christmas morning that landed two people in the hospital and brought the music to an end.

"We didn't pull the trigger, we didn't start the fight. We feel treated unfairly. We think this whole thing is about Washington Road," Johnson said.

The new location is along Damascus Road. But Club Dream's owners can't rest easy just yet. "This just doesn't fit with what we've been trying to do," says Bart Hillman. He owns a business near the possible new location.

The new name...Club Love. Hillman says no love here. "Property values keep going up right here, and I just can't see this being a positive thing for myself, the business, or the families that live on Damascus Road, or anything else."

"I don't have no problem with it," says Annie Jones who lives near the possible new location.

"I hope them the best success...I hope they look at things a little different," says James Jones.

Club Dreams was a 21 and older club with no dress code on some nights. But at Club Love collared shirts will be a must, and no one under 23 is allowed.

"It needs to be needs to be 30 and up...35 and up. If it was my club it would be 35 and up...It would be a old school supper club," says Jones.

That's one man's opinion, but as for Mr. Hillman: "It's just been a lot higher quality of life and that's the way we want to try to keep it."

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