Warren County teachers rewarded

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, January 3, 2007

Teachers in Warren County got a big surprise today: a $450 gift, as long as they agree to teach in the county again next year.

They came to work Thursday expecting to just attend a workshop to prepare for the coming semester. Superintendent Carole Jean Carey made the announcement, and many were surprised and excited.

"You know this is another gift from under the tree. Even though all the trees are up now after Christmas, but this is just another gift," said Desherica Partlow, a high school special education teacher.

The gift was made possible by a $50,000 state grant, because Warren County Schools had some of the most improved test scores among low-income children in Georgia.

The superintendent is using some of the money for technology and other supplies, but she wanted to be sure to use some of it to let the teachers know how she feels about them.

"Two things, a thank you ... and we want you back, too," she said.

The teachers can spend the money however they want.

"It was a shock, and I got a new car payment to make, so it's really gonna help," said band director Scott Richardson.

"The money means for me, maybe paying off an additional bill and just sort of putting it in my savings account," Partlow said.

"I'll have to try to save some of that," Principal Antonio Hill said. "I think I'll spend about a hundred dollars of it."

Kindergarten teacher Morgan Sargent hopes the money will continue to make the district better.

"Hopefully it'll draw even more folks. We don't want people to leave, but maybe it'll even draw some people to come," she said.

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