News 12's Search for a Nintendo Wii

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, Dec. 24, 2007

Ga. and S.C. -- It seems to be the hottest item this holiday season, a Nintendo Wii. We sent News 12's Gene Petriello out to find one. Check out how he did!

What a day! We searched hi and low on both sides of the river. We tried to help out Ol' Saint Nick out and find a Nintendo Wii.

Gene asking a shopper, "On a desperate search?"
Shopper Derek answering, "I'd say so!"

Our first stop is the Big KMart in North Augusta. We went inside to see if we were lucky enough to find a Wii.

We found an X-BOX, Play Station 2, an empty spot. More PS 2's. But there were no Wii's to be seen.

"Oh my goodness! We get like a million phone calls a day wondering if we have the Wii. We take bets on what the phone call is going to be," says KMart worker Tanicka.

Well, our first stop was unsuccessful. No Wii's to be found here at the Big KMart. Our next stop, Walmart in North Augusta.

And now you can make that 0-for-2. We went to Walmart and no Wii's to be seen there. So, now we headed across the river to try our luck in Georgia.

But first, let's check in with our Wii-less shopper Derek.

"We're pretty much not gonna find it the way it's looking," says Derek.

Check this out though! We found a Wii finally at the Best Buy in Augusta. We asked a worker if we could box the display up, but he turned us down. So, on we went.

Derek saying, "We've checked with both Walmart's, Target, Circuit City. Pretty much everywhere you can imagine! There's no Wii's."
Gene asking Derek, "You even checked out Lowes you said?"
Derek answering, "Lowes, Dollar Tree. Pretty much everywhere!"

Meet Donna Peterson. She knows how Derek feels!

Gene asking Donna, "What is it like down in Louisiana?"
Donna answering, "There's none available. None. Shreveport, no where. Beaumont, Texas or any surrounding area within a hundred miles there is no Wii available."

Now, people have been going to Circuit City in Augusta left and right, all in a search for a Wii. And guess what? They left just like we did... empty handed!

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