It's a Christmas gift that shows how one person can make a huge difference.

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News 12 at 11, December 23, 2007

WINDSOR, SC --- You first met Brenda Reynolds, when her house was broken into and all the Christmas presents were stolen and her house was ransacked. Reynolds, who takes care of her three grandchildren, can now enjoy Christmas with her family.

"They say God's always on time and he is," Brenda Reynolds said.

A week ago Sunday, Bo Mitchell, an actor from Aiken, was watching News 12 and saw the story. For the past five years, Bo has helped a family during Christmas. He said he knew right away this was the family he wanted to help.

"I'm delighted to do it," Bo Mitchell said.

So he went Christmas shopping with his mother Robin.

"We got a bunch of big carts. He said, 'I'm gonna need some big carts cause I'm shopping big,'" Robin Mitchell said.

They picked out bikes, helmets, a tea cup set, an easy bake oven, a Tonka truck, a TV, and a four wheeler. So they arrived at Brenda's home with a truck filled with presents.

"The girls eyes were just huge when they seen the big red truck full of all types of toys and bicycles and so forth," Mitchell said.

Bo said being able to help this family is the best Christmas gift.

"It feels like your making someone's dream come true," Mitchell said.

And his mother agrees.

"It's just great that we were able to help them. And help give back to these kids," Mitchell said.

Helping deliver presents just days before Christmas.

"I think it's great. And I thank them for it," Reynolds said.

And for Brenda. It's a day she will always remember.

"And it had to be God's will, or it wouldn't have been done," Reynolds said.