Violent crime way up in Richmond County

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December 21, 2207; News 12 This Morning

AUGUSTA, GA -- Augusta is becoming a more dangerous place to live.
New numbers from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office show violent crime is way up in the area.

The numbers really put it in perspective for you.

Armed robberies are up 7% percent for 2007, including crimes through November. December crimes are not considered in these statistics.

Aggravated Assault rose 6.7% and theft by taking rose 7.3%.

More than 2,000 cars were reported stolen this year in Richmond County, bringing the total increase from last year to 17.1%.

Missing persons reports increased by almost 40%, and murders rose nearly 44%.

The biggest crime on the rise is arson. Arson spiked 120 percent from last year.

It's not all bad news, though. Some crimes did see a decrease.

Child Abuse/Molestation decreased by -25.3% from 2006, Forgery numbers are down by about -21%. Domestic violence decreased by about -15% and rapes decreased by about 6%.

The total number of cases for the county were 30,807 in 2006, this year by November they were at a total of 31,077. That's an increase of 0.88%. However, the number of arrests decreased by -2.4%.

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