MCG one step closer to expansion

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News 12 First at Five, December 20, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Clancy Hubert calls Gilbert Manor home. He enjoys sitting out on his porch taking in the view. Over the years the view has changed. It's hard to miss neighboring Medical College of Georgia.

With growing interest in the school, 4200 applicants for less than 900 slots, and a growing student body--about 2400 this fall--M.C.G. is looking to grow, but that means Mr. Hubert would have to go. "It's a lot of land around here need to be developed. Let them find somebody else to pick see ain't none of us no real educated people, but we know right from wrong."

But right and wrong is now up for debate. Neighbors like Shannon Donahue say a move would be best.

"I'm tired of hearing the shooting every 1st of the month and third of the month. People walk all across my porch like they live here; so, I am ready to go," says Shannon Donahue.

"My family won't come over here and visit...I don't want to stay here," says Vanessa Bennett.

Housing and Urban Development is expected to throw it's support behind the move Friday. The plan to sell Gilbert Manor hit a road block....waiting on Housing and Urban Development to approve relocating residents. The landlocked Medical College of Georgia is perhaps one step closer to branching out.

"We didn't build up around M.C.G. M.C.G built up around us, and now they want this little space, and old people they know each other they comfortable with each other they have friends to look out for them. You carry yourself with respect...the young people respect you this is home."

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