Principal recovers at home after school altercation

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News 12 First at Five, December 20, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - It's the first day of Winter break, but drama students at Cross Creek High School aren't relaxing quite yet.

They're back at school finishing last minute stage preparations. It's what they were working on Wednesday when the school day was cut two hours short because of a fight.

"We found out and we were all like okay...this may be a problem," said Senior Brian Wells, Jr.

"I think everybody was taken by surprise," added Sophomore Maggie Lee.

They're surprised that a student allegedly brought brass knuckles to school --got into a fight-- and when Principal Lynn Warr tried to break it up--she ended up getting hurt.

"But it was not the student attacking her," says Leah Soderberg, the Drama teacher at the school,"And it's just a great display, in one respect, of how Ms. Warr never hesitates to go and bring it to an end.

According to teachers and students, the Principal was rushing to break up the fight between two students when one of the students mispunched and hit the door Ms. Warr was walking out of. It resulted in the Principal being knocked backward and wedged between the door and the wall.

"[Ms. Warr] has such a persona that when she shouts 'stop' or Ms. Warr says' that's enough'...they listen and that's why she was running to get there and just never got out the door," said Ms. Soderberg.

Because of all the commotion, Superintendent Dana Bedden said, 'It was clear the rest of the day was not going to be productive."

Lee confirms, "Well there's a lot of rumors going around."

That's why the decision was made to let the kids out of school early on Wednesday.

"I didn't think we expected to get out of school or we expected any of this to happen," continued Lee.

"I was kind of angry that it happened on the last day of school before Christmas break," said Wells. "So, now I'm wondering when we get back to school, what's going to happen?"

Dr. Bedden says he hopes things cool down between the students over the holiday break.

Ms. Warr is recuperating at home. Her head, back and elbow were injured during the incident. She will have to undergo some medical testing, but she is expected to have a full recovery.

The student accused of bringing the brass knuckles was charged with a felony for bringing a weapon to school. The other student involved in the fight was charged with fighting and disrupting school. Both students have been released to their parents. They were also suspended from school until a tribunal is held.

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