Hawes under medical supervision

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News 12 at six o' clock, December 19, 2007

Augusta, GA---News 12 has a look at how Jeannette Hawes spends her day in jail and audio of Hawes just days before the crime. Jeanette Hawes is being kept in a medical section of the jail at the Richmond County Law Enforcement Center, and her mother says that's the best place for her at this time.

The family had expected to see Jeanette at a bond hearing Wednesday. That was canceled. News 12 has learned Jeanette is being kept with 15 to 20 other women. She is allowed out in the common area between 5 A.M. And 11:30 P.M.

She is then locked away alone under constant supervision. Jeanette has been in jail close to a month now. News 12 has obtained audio of a sad and concerned Jeanette Hawes shortly after losing her job back in late October.

She says all she wants is peace of mind. "All I want is to be free, and just have a peaceful mind...you know it's nothing like a peaceful mind and that's what I want for once in life. That's what I pray to God for. That's what I want peace... and love... and kindness."

A family friend tells News 12 lawyers would like to see an arraignment hearing first.

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