David Cannon Must Repay

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, Dec. 19, 2007

AIKEN CTY -- Jail could be in the future for former James Brown trustee David Cannon. Judge Jack Early telling Cannon in a court order, that he has until January 25, 2008 to repay $433,000 in fees. If he doesn't, he'll find himself in jail for 6 months.

During the last hearing in November, Judge Early found Cannon in Contempt of Court for not paying $373,000 in music royalties. Also, for altering the estate tax returns after he was supposed to resign as trustee in August.

News 12 spoke with Cannon's attorney. He says the Judge is fair and he's sure he took some time to make this order, but he does not agree with the willful contempt charges.

For now, Cannon is facing a $50,000 attorney fee, $10,000 in a court fine and the music royalty.

If he does not pay the money by noon on January 25th, he has to report to the Aiken County Detention Center for 6 months.

The next court date is set for Friday Morning at 9AM in the Aiken County Courthouse. News 12 will be there and bring you reports through the day on Friday.

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