Only On 12: Murder Victim's Mother Reacts to Arrest

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News 12 at 11, December 18, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga -- A 22-year-old Augusta man, Bernard Ellison, is in jail charged with murder.

The 22-year-old victim, Robert Love. Love was a young father who's murder has plagued Richmond County Homicide Investigators nearly all year, but not anymore.

Today (December 18) is the day Othelia Love, Robert's Mother, says she's been waiting for "Thank you Jesus! Finally I got my Christmas present. All I want for Christmas is justice."

Mother Othelia Love is celebrating Christmas a few days early this year. "My Christmas present. My one! That one!"

That one, is the man investigators say murdered her son now charged and arrested in the case. 22-year-old Bernard Ellison in jail, accused of killing 22 year old Robert Love last April in front of his Washington on the Greens apartment.

Investigators believe the motive was robbery.

"I know Robert. He would've protect what he had. But you didn't have to kill him." says Othelia who's moment of joy soon fades as she remembers her loss.

"22 years young and It will never be alright."

It took eight long months to get to this point and until Tuesday, Love's murder was Richmond County's only unsolved homicide of the year.

It's a day Othelia thought would never come. "I really didn't. It's like finding a needle in a haystack."

But investigators now believe the killer was nearby all along, living in the same apartment complex as Robert.

Othelia says while she had her doubts, she believes Robert knew justice would come after a relative had a dream about him 3 months ago. "In her dream he told her whenever they find out who did this to me, it will happen on a Tuesday."

So this Tuesday, one week before Christmas Day, the love family finally says one piece of the puzzle is in place. But, the final chapter is still unwritten. "I have to wait for the court date. It's a little relief, but not a lot. I just want justice all the way. This is a step, but I want justice all the way."

Tomorrow (December 19) Othelia says she plans to visit her son's grave and celebrate with roses.

As for investigators, they say they have a lot of work ahead of them from finding the murder weapon to determining if there is another suspect in the case.

Investigators credit a number of anonymous tips called in that pointed to Ellison, making him a longtime suspect. So, when Ellison was arrested on an outstanding charge, unrelated to Love's death, he was questioned and charged in the case.

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