Hawes family money controversy

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, December 18, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The community gave back in a big way after two children were stabbed to death. Deputies say their mother did it. The community donated over $20,000 dollars for the Shakayla and Jordan Hawes memorial fund. Now the family is saying what about us?

"This family was duped...the community was duped." On a day set aside to award Safe Homes of Augusta $10,000 from the Shakayla and Jordan Hawes memorial fund the Hawes family is saying wait...something is wrong.

"To raise money under the banner of these dead children and the victim their mother as well, and then turn around and give it to another program...I didn't think that's fair and these people still suffering in need," said family friend Gary Willingham with the family standing around him.

Helen Blocker Adams a local radio host put the fund together. She says when she heard of the tragedy she had to do something. "Immediately the thought was create this memorial fund and it's all about the children Shakayla and Jordan Hawes."

20 thousand dollars quickly came in. Just over 10 thousand was left over after funeral expenses. The issue now...who should get the money? News 12 obtained documents the family signed saying after all expenses were paid any leftover money would go to an organization for abused women.

"We was under stress me and my mother sometimes you don't know what you be signing," said Janice Hawes. Aimee Hall with Safe Homes of Augusta calls the day bitter-sweet. "I would much rather have those children here than having $10,000. Life is so precious, and it's so much more important to have them."

And as for the woman who started the drive..."I don't have any of my own children so it's almost like I've embraced those two babies that I never knew, and so I feel like they're gonna be apart of me as long as I live," said Helen Blocker Adams.

News 12 has a copy of all the funeral expenses covered by the memorial fund. You can take a look at these documents on our website in the coming day.

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