Memorial Service for Crash Victim

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, Dec. 17, 2007

WAYNESBORO, Ga. --- A close knit community comes together this evening to celebrate the life of a teenager who's life was cut short. Family, friends, teachers, football players and boxing friends -- all coming out to remember the life of Julius Thomas Junior. There were some tears, but mostly smiles and laughs.

For 7 years, Martras Chems and Julius Thomas Junior were friends.

"We're like brothers. We played baseball, football and everything together," says Martras.

And now, his friend is gone. His life cut short last Tuesday night after a fatal car crash on Highway 25.

"That was my right hand man. We do stuff together," says football player Paul Atwell.

The accident taking the life of Julius's dad - Julius Thomas Senior - his mother Carrie Habersham and Fred Petrea. On Monday evening, a community of friends, family and others -- coming together to celebrate Julius Junior, the football player and champion boxer.

"He was all around a great person. He always did good things for people. He never looked down on people. He always lifted people up," says Paul.

Through some tears, this service's theme was about all the smiles and jokes Julius gave. And that's now something people are going to miss the most.

"You'd be mad at somebody or someone and he just comes up starts joking around. He was always there for you," says Martras.

"Everytime I come into class at homeroom, he always gave me a good joke and made my day start off good," says Paul.

This young boy full of jokes, was also a competitor; always looking up.

"I'm gonna remember him and his endurance to hold on in times -- even at times -- he'd be losing," says Oliver Frazier, Julius's boxing coach.

"His strength, his pride, sacrifice that he'd always gave everyday at practice, it just makes you smile," says Billy Marchman, Julius's football coach.

Now, Julius Junior looking down on a community from Heaven as they reach for the heavens in prayer.

"I'm still smiling because I know he's in a better place, his real home," says Martras.

If you would like to donate to Julius and his mother's funeral fund, please send all checks to:

Southern Bank
c/o Noah's Ark Missionary Baptist Church
PO Box 536
Waynesboro, GA 30830

As of Monday evening, Clarissa Thomas -- who was injured in the crash with two broken legs and a broken left arm -- was released from MCG.

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