Post Office holiday shipping hints

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News 12 First at Five, December 13, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- The holiday mail is pouring in, and we want to warn you about some problems you may encounter this holiday season.

A New Ellenton postal clerk has been questioned about money that may be missing from envelopes. News 12 went to the Augusta Post Office and found out what you need to look for if you're sending gifts by mail.

The Augusta Post Office said they handle so many pieces of mail a day that its almost impossible for the machine to not damage some of it. One of the most common problems they have this time of year at the Augusta Post Office is loose gift cards. 10-12 items a day are sent to their claims office during the busy holiday mailing season. Most of the time they're gift cards, and they end up in a big plastic container.

What you really need to do is put detailed information on the gift card, like who it's for and who it's from, and the total dollar amount. That will help the Post Office identify the item if it falls out of the envelope. Another suggestion is to tape the gift card to the inside of the envelope because a lot of times, it will come loose going through all the machinery.

"A lot of people think if their mail comes damaged or open that somebody was tampering with it. When a lot of the times its just the machinery," Rene Suggs said.

News 12 went to the Claims Office and found several loose items that did not have an address on it. We found everything from wrapped presents, wallets, cell phones, keys, books, and even shoes.

If you loose anything in the mail, call the Claims Office and they can help you find your lost items.

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