Teacher allegedly uses racial slur toward student

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News 12 First at Five, December 13, 2007

BARNWELL, S.C. - Yanette Dunbar says she's been losing sleep because her seventh grade son's teacher allegedly used a racial slur toward him in front of the entire classroom.

"Oooo she said the 'n' word...Oooo she said the 'n' word," Dunbar told News 12 was the reaction 12-year-old Jalan Dunbar's classmates had after they say they heard their teacher use a racial slur toward him.

"She belittled him and I don't like it," said Dunbar.

Soon after, the mother tells News 12, a school administrator called admitting it happened.

"When the assistant principal called me, he called me to say he confirmed with other kids in the classroom saying they heard her say this," said Dunbar.

Dunbar says even though the administrator admitted it happened -- the teacher would not.

"She says she hates that we would believe she said the 'n' word to our son...because she had been teaching for 20 years and she doesn't say words like that," said Dunbar.

But Dunbar says she hasn't seen any action taken against the teacher -- even after administrators said there would be.

"How could they say she's been reprimanded and she's still there teaching at the school?" she asked.

News 12 tried to talk to the principal to find out, but the principal - through his secretary - told News 12 he had no comment. We got the same response from the Barnwell County superintendent -- no comment.

Not the answer Dunbar wanted.

"My son said, 'Ma you told me that was a bad word no one should call me that,' said Dunbar, "I can't believe that she threw that word at a classroom full of 12 year-olds. Now what am I to do? I just can't sleep on it."

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