Local Update - December 12, 2007

Four Dead in Wreck

A bad accident claims the lives of four people. Three of them are from the same family. It happened around 6:30 Tuesday night on Highway 25 North at Gresham Road. 52-year-old Fred Petrea of Waynesboro was killed in the crash. 41-year-old Julius Thomas, Senior of Augusta, 41-year old Carrie Mae Habersham of Hephzibah, and 16-year-old Julius Thomas, Jr. of Hephizabh were in the other car. They passed away, but 17-year-old Clarrisa Thomas survived. She is in serious condition.

Deputies Search for Vandals

Investigators are looking for two teenagers wanted in a recent string of vandalism in the Merriwhether area of Edgefield County. Deputies say two male teens driving a white pick-up truck are responsible for vandalizing homes and businesses along and near Currytown Road.
If you know who these teens are, please call the sheriff's office.

Written Reprimand for Ming Wah

The Ming Wah chinese restaurant has a written reprimand from the Richmond County Health Department. Our cameras caught raw pork hanging outside the restaurant in 76 degree weather. Health department workers say the restaurant was not serving the meat to the public, so the only violation they found is "preparing private food at a public restaurant." The owner of Ming Wah says business has been much slower since the story aired.

Augusta Bus Budget

For the first time in a long time, the new Augusta city budget does not include a cut for the Transit Authority. That means the city won;t get rid of any busses, but that also means leaders won;t get to add any new ones. Some riders say the city needs more because wait times are long. The public transportation director believes if more people rode the bus, and more people made noise about getting new ones, the city would add them.

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