String of vandalism in Edgefield County

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News 12 First at Five, December 11, 2007

EDGEFIELD, S.C. - Officers say they believe teenagers are behind three property crimes that took place over three days in the Meriwether area.

Anne Tabb has lived in the Meriwether area along Currytown Road for over twenty years. She says it's a quiet area, but sometimes there are problems.

"My mailbox gets knocked off its pedestal all the time. I just have to go back and tie it off again," explains Tabb.

She's not the only person dealing with vandalism. Right down the street, Jerry Bass, owner of the Old McDonald's Fish Camp, is a victim too.

"Somebody broke our lights," said Bass, pointing to the outside fog lights near the entrance gate. "I guess they were teenagers. They got out of their truck, they came running across the road, one broke out this light and one broke out the other light."

The surveillance camera across the street got a shot of the getaway vehicle -- a white pick-up truck.

Farther down the street, officers say vandals in the same truck may have stolen the "W" off the Whispering Woods subdivision sign.

It doesn't stop there---a couple blocks down the same road vandals broke the light fixtures in front of a home. Three property crimes in three days and officers say they believe it's teenagers.

It has Bass asking questions, "What I don't understand is...what's these teenagers doing out this time of morning on a school night?"

It's no telling--but, Tabb says the crime could be worse and she's tired of fixing the damage.

"It's just a little inconvenience sometimes. We just deal it and go out and put the mailbox up and replace what's been done."

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