Ming Wah investigated by Environmental Health Services

December 11, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---News 12 has learned that Environmental Health Services has visited the Ming Wah Chinese restaurant on Walton Way and given the owner instructions concerning health violations.

Michael Allison, county manager for Environmental Health Services, tells News 12 that a specialist spoke with the owner of Ming Wah yesterday. The owner reportedly stated that he hangs sun dried pork jerky outside his restaurant for the use of his friends, not for restaurant customers.

The specialist told the owner that he was still in violation of health regulations because he did not have a license for that type of food and because the food was present at a permitted food service establishment.

The wife of the restaurant owner told News 12 today that an employee put the meat outside for personal use, and that employee has been fired.

Allison says the restaurant will receive a letter explaining the regulations further to avoid future misunderstandings, and if the dried pork is seen hanging outside the restaurant again, the owner will be cited and taken before a judge.

According to health regulations, food intended for customers must be packaged properly and held at the appropriate temperature. The food must be kept at 41 degrees or less when uncooked, and cooked food must be kept at 135 degrees or hotter.

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