Anonymous tip leads to 7 arrests

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, December 10, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - An anonymous tip leads to seven arrests involving seven different crimes.

The Huddle House at 2626 Tobacco Road is one of seven businesses robbed in November. Manager Ginger Reese remembers that night vividly.

"Three men busted in the door with handguns," recalls Reese, "I was in complete shock that someone had come in and robbed us."

Thanks to an anonymous tip, the men officers say are responsible for this robbery and six others are all behind bars -- each one of them connected with the Meadowbrook Clique, an Augusta street gang.

"All but one of the individuals were already on our radar as gang people we knew had the potential to cause problems," said Lt. Scott Peebles.

Here's how investigators are matching the crimes with the suspects---Larrel Council and Marquis McCoy arrested in connection with 6 robberies, including the Huddle House , the Burger King robbery at 3407 Dean's Bridge Road, Meme's Pizza at 2763A Tobacco Road, Wendy's on 3342 Wrightsboro Road and Church's Chicken at 2701 Peach Orchard Road.

Officers say McCoy will also be charged in connection with the November 4th robbery at New York Fashions on 3090 Dean's Bridge Road along with Antonio Harmon. Harmon is also connected to the Church's Chicken robbery.

Two more men -- Quandre Davis and Marcus Ray will be charged in connection to the Meme's Pizza robbery and the Wendy's robbery. Davis will also be charged in connection with the Burger King and Huddle House robberies.

Selwyn Sneed was also arrested in connection with the Huddle House and Burger King robberies and Brandis Robinson will also be charged in the Burger King robbery.

One junvenile was also arrested in connection with the Aggies Convenience Store robbery at 3040 Meadowbrook Drive.

Lt. Scott Peebles says with these arrests, the Meadowbrook Clique -- is history.

"It's all but extinct. There may be a few members here or there, but the members who were active and committing crimes we can say with confidence that they are no more," said Peebles.

And that's a relief for a lot of people working at those 7 businesses.

"Now that they have a group of suspects in custody, my employees will feel safer at work," said Reese, "I knew Richmond County had it in them and I really appreciate their work."

A $5,000 reward was given to the tipster in these cases.

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