DOT works for safety in midst of I-20 construction, holiday travel

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, December 10, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---You can't miss all the construction as you drive into Augusta. It's causing some problems for drivers. There were two accidents over the was fatal. News 12 has a look at what the Department of Transportation is doing to keep you safe.

Shanta Davis drives into Augusta each morning for work. With interstate construction now in full force she says her drive has become more like an obstacle course. "To me it's dangerous. It's really dangerous on the highway right now."

And it's a two-way street. While Shanta is headed to work, construction crews are already busy at work.

"We hope everyday we get to go home," says Sam Stutt, who has worked in construction for 25 years. He says with the holidays just around the corner, it means more people on the roads...and more accidents. "Oh yeah, saw one this morning."

There were two wrecks Saturday, one fatal. The Georgia Department of Transportation has a holiday travel plan. "Essentially, the contractor will be restricted to areas where they will not interfere with the flow of traffic," says Larry Rogers with the Georgia DOT.

That means no lane closures during business hours starting December 21st on I-20. That is effective immediately on Bobby Jones and Wheeler road. It's good news for Shanta. She calls the stop and go traffic a big headache.

"I feel bad. I feel the pinch in my pocket. It's just screaming. It's like ow," Shanta says. "You don't have the money that you want to spend on gifts because it's going right into the tank."

This holiday season, relief is on the least temporarily. That holiday travel plan will be in effect until December 26th.

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