Only on 12: One-on-One Interview with Senator John McCain

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News 12 First at Five & News 12 at 6 o'clock, Dec. 10, 2007

AIKEN CTY, S.C. --- A busy day campaigning for Senator John McCain. With the Republican Primary less than 2 months ago, Senator McCain was campaigning in South Carolina.

News 12's Gene Petriello was able to sit down with Senator McCain in a one-on-one interview this morning.

News 12: "Senator, tell me how your campaign has been going so far?"
Sen. McCain: "Doing well in the debates. I'm very happy with where we are. South Carolina we got a lot of work to do. The people of South Carolina are beginning to really focus on the candidates and everybody's in the mix. We got to show more traction and I'm sure we will."

News 12: "In some of the South Carolina polls we looked at this weekend, you've slipped a little bit. How do you reverse that trend?"
McCain answering, "Polls we've seen I haven't seen any slippage. In fact, I've seen a little increase in some of the polls."

News 12: "What is the biggest problem you see facing America right now?"
Sen. McCain answering, "Oh, the threat of Radical Islamic Extremists and I'm the most experienced and I have the judgment. That's what I think in the end of the day will win this primary for me."

News 12: "What do we need to do to continue our success in Iraq?"
McCain answering, "Keeping doing what we're doing. Be careful with the troop withdrawal. Have the Maliki Government perform more effectively. Continue our training of the police."

News 12: "What is the message you drive home to Americans who say we need to bring these troops home today? What's your message to these people?"
McCain answering, "The message I would drive home is if we do that, we will be fighting them here."

News 12: "With all this aside, all the issues - Healthcare, Securing the border - what is going to make you the best man for the job? What's going to put you over the top of all your other competitors?"
McCain answering, "The fact that I'm - we're facing a transcending challenge in the form of Radical Islamic Extremists. I need no on the job training. I need no preparation. I'm ready to defend America and make America safe."

News 12 followed Senator McCain to Al's Family Restaurant where he met with supporters and those still looking for a candidate to support.

The restaurant was jammed packed, full of laughs and lots of claps. And the restaurant is home on Monday to more than just food. US Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain in North Augusta with Senator Lindsey Graham in a meet in greet. One supporter who says she simply admires McCain.

"He's going to close our borders. He's going to support the Veterans and they need all of our support," says Supporter Dolores Adkins.

One of those veterans, siding with McCain.

"I believe what he believes. I hope and pray he'll be nominated and we'll have the opportunity to support him," says Arlend Franley.

Earlier in our one-on-one interview, News 12 asked Senator McCain about three key issues facing voters.

News 12: "Healthcare, illegal immigration and securing our border - what is your stance on those three key issues?"
Sen. McCain answering, "On healthcare, I don't want to do what the Democrats want. That's a big government solution. I want to get healthcare costs down. On illegal immigration, I got the message. We need to secure the borders before we do anything else."

That's something this undecided voter likes to hear.

"Securing the border is very important to me. I was real impressed, really impressed," says undecided voter Jane Faircloth.

"He's been in the action. He's been in Washington. He knows what's going on and he's going to stop the stupid spending that goes on up there with our tax money," says Dolores.

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