Only on 12: Possible health code violation you have to see to believe

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, November 8, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga -- A potential health risk in Richmond County that you have to see to believe, and News 12 caught it on camera.

Raw meat, strung on a pole, and hanging outside of Ming Wah Chinese Restaurant off of Walton Way near Baker Avenue. The pole was hung between the roof and air conditioning unit on the side of the restaurant, with 10 to 15 slabs of raw meat hanging from it, over the parking lot.

It was 76 degrees around lunchtime today when News 12 was there at Ming Wah.

News 12 asked employees about the possible health code violation, we were told the restaurant was 100% sure this wasn't a violation because the meat was for the employees, not for customers.

While News 12 was there, another worker took down the slabs of raw meat with his bare hands and carried it inside the restaurant.

An incident report was filed by a Richmond County deputy and the Health Department was called by the Sheriff's Office. News 12 will let you know what they find.

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