Investigation reveals unorganized, struggling Aiken EMS

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, December 7, 2007

AIKEN CTY --- A husband and wife lost their jobs with Aiken County EMS in October. Now, a state investigation report explains what went wrong.

Missing money, using sticky notes for filing documents-- all leading to what Aiken County EMS workers say is an unorganized and struggling department.

The Aiken County EMS Investigation is closed, but there are still unsolved questions. News 12 has a copy of the SLED investigation into the EMS Director and his wife.

"Money should be going to where it needs to be going," says Annette Distasio who lives in Aiken.

SLED found this, the donation account, which is handled only in cash- has more than 1,250 dollars taken in from undocumented sources. Instead of being used for the department, some of the donation account money used to buy food and gifts for EMS employees.

Some questioning if they should donate at all.

But the review did not show the Director Phil Clarke took the money himself. SLED also finding this - in the county issued credit card account: purchases like food, gift bags and picture frames. Which could be considered personal. And more importantly, not allowed by the county.

But again, no criminal misuse for specific personal use of the cards. The report goes on. Other EMS employees interviewed by SLED saying, sticky notes were used to keep track of the donation account.

"Oh yeah, that's not good. First of all, you can lose them because we all do that. And secondly, it needs to be written documentation," says Annette.

Some are keeping the faith, but others say they don't trust them anymore.

There were also problems with mileage reimbursements. Lynn Clarke reporting more than 250 miles than she actually drove on two different occasions.

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