Over $600 in Christmas decorations stolen from family's yard

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News 12 First at Five, December 4, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Christmas is the Thurman Family's favorite holiday. Every year they spend weeks decorating their yard. But this year -- the Grinch stole Christmas.

"Somebody decided that they were more deserving of our Christmas decorations than we were and they stole them," said Michael Thurman.

"It just broke my heart to come out and everything be gone," added his wife, Angela.

Nothing but a few inflatables left in yard. It used to be full of light, Christmas trees and Santas. But now, there're bare spots everywhere. Over 600 dollars worth of decorations stolen Monday night.

"You could tell where they just snatched them right out...tried to take my inflatable Snoopy, but I guess I had him anchored to the ground too good," said Angela.

"It's a shame. It certainly doesn't show the Christmas spirit," added Michael.

Despite their losses, the Thurmans say it's not enough to make them say baugh-humbug.

"This won't kill our Christmas spirit. It'll just tame it a bit," said Micheal.

But don't be mistaken -- they're doing everything they can to get back what the Grinch stole.

"We're going to go hunting for my Christmas lights. If somebody has them out, I'm going to find them," said Angela.

"Just a lot of things that meant a lot to us and to the kids that ride by and look at them every year," added Michael.

The Thurmans also filed a police report. If you have any information, contact the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

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