James Brown estate battle continues

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, December 4, 2007

AIKEN CTY, S.C. --- They resigned as James Brown Trustees two weeks ago. But now, News 12 has a copy of the documents filed today asking the judge to reconsider.

More twists and more turns in the sage. Trustees possibly coming back, Tomi Rae Hynie Brown wanted to be recognized as James Brown's fourth wife and financial statements from a former trustee.

Document after document... all filed within the last 5 days. The gist: more changes could be on the way in the James Brown Estate Battle.

News 12's Gene Petriello talked with attorney David Bell. He says the most important of the documents to him were filed by the South Carolina and Georgia Attorney General's Offices.

"The Attorney General's are asking the trustees for the trust to be separate individuals from the representative of the estate," says Bell.

Their argument - a conflict of interest.

"Certain assets go into the trust and that were would be a conflict as to whether the assets go into the trust or to the estate," says Bell.

Simply, the Attorney General's are asking, "the Special Administrators be responsible for the estate, and only the estate," says Bell.

Judge Jack Early ordering them to be in charge of both after Former Trustees Alfred Bradley and Buddy Dallas resigned November 20th.

Gene asking, "So, does this mean Buddy Dallas and Alfred Bradley are going to be brought back into this?"
Bell answering, "Well, that's the $64,000 question!"

Now, a petition filed.

"Asking - as trustees - be rescinded and that they be allowed to stay on as a trustee for the James Brown I Feel Good Trust," says Bell.

And there's more smiles for Tomi Rae Brown. Paperwork filed that could prove once-and-for-all that her marriage to The Godfather of Soul was legal.

"Whatever the evidence Tomi Rae has to support her stance as the 4th valid wife of James Brown - those will be looked into," says Bell.

And Former Trustee David Cannon's financial records - in the hands of the court. But sealed shut from us.

Attorney Louis Levenson is asking the court to see those financial records. Just today, News 12 picked up almost 150 pages of papers filed with the Aiken County Court.

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