Apartment fire leaves eight families homeless

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News 12 at 11, December 3, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- A fire broke out around 6:30 this evening at The Traditions At Augusta apartment complex near the intersection of I-20 and 520, along Walton Way Extension.

Raven Favars and her two friends were walking around their apartment complex when they noticed Building 9 smelled like smoke.

"We started smelling smoke and I turned around and I was like hurry up and go in there and knock on doors," Raven Favars said.

So she went and called for help.

"We were just walking down there and she noticed the fire and she said to go get everybody out of the house and then we knocked on the doors. He went to the back, I went to the front, and then we got everybody out," Kory Whitehead said.

When firefighters got here, they found heavy smoke coming from under the structure. And when firefighters went inside, several of the floors had collapsed.

"It just all happened so fast that we didn't even see it when we walked past it. It just all happened so fast," Whitehead said.

Eight units and three ladder trucks worked together to get the fire under control.

"A lot of smoke, a lot of heat and its just really hard," Battalion Chief Richard Burts said.

Firefighters said at least four apartments were destroyed. Witnesses said they're thankful everyone made it out.

"I was actually scared because one of my friends lives there but luckily he wasn't there at the time and he lost his dog, but him and his mom are sill okay," Favars said.

"I'm just glad that everybody's safe. Except for the boy that lost his dog but I'm just glad that everyone's safe and out of the house," Whitehead said.

Battalion Chief Richard Burts said there were no injuries, but at least one pet died in the fire. Burts said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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