12 On Your Side: Verve energy drink; scam or real business opportunity?

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / September 26, 2013


"It's a healthy energy drink called Verve. It's pretty good like it no doubt about that," says Dhaval Panchal. He says at first it sounded like an easy way to make money.

"You qualify for a BMW, a Mercedes Benz and all this stuff," says Panchal. He says he invested $500 to get started but 3 months after signing up with Veema he says he realized it was not all it was cracked up to be. "You have to spend a lot. You have to spend like $160 a month," says Panchal.

Of which he says he only got $20 on his investment for each person he convinced to join the company. According to the company's president B.K. Boreyko, Veema claims to provide healthful energy drinks that can make you money. "This is not a selling product. You don't sell it, you just keep it If you want to drink it you can drink it," says Panchal.

While Panchal says he got out because he made little on his investment, Thor Colberg on the other hand, who operates Thorselitefitness.com in North Carolina swears by Veema.

"We don't sell anything. I've been with Veema for a year now and I've never once sold a bottle of Veema or an energy can of Verve not one time," says Colberg.

Colberg says he joined Veema a year ago and claims he's growing a successful business. "It's not a get rich quick, quote unquote, scheme," says Colberg.

The Better Business Bureau gives Veema a C+ rating. Among customer reviews, nearly all were positive experiences. However the BBB says the company has 31 complaints in the last 3 years involving advertising, billing and product and service issues.

Meanwhile Panchal says it is not for everyone. "It is kind of confusing, it was confusing but that was my first time in network marketing," says Panchal.