12 On Your Side: Timeshare scammers net $1,500 from grieving senior

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / August 12, 2014

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW) -- It was a gift to his fiancé to buy a timeshare condominium in Myrtle Beach.

Although, it was property she would never see.

"In 2010, she passed away," David Yonn said.

Without her, Yonn said he lost interest in keeping the property. So, when he received a call from a company in New York City looking to take it off his hands within weeks, he jumped at the offer.

"It seemed really good because they were telling me I was going to get $20,000 from it," said Yonn.

But he said the caller told him he needed to cover the closing costs first. Yonn did that, using most of his savings of $1,500.

On April 20, Yonn sent a cashier's check for $1,500, not to New York, but to Orlando.

He made it out to a company called International Transaction Holding Services Incorporated. Almost four months later, he said neither that company nor the original caller is returning his messages.

"I'm rather upset," Yonn said.

He is also scammed out of $1,500 and the promise of $20,000. Money he planned to use to get his independence back.

"I was trying to use the money to get me a car to get back to driving. That's what I was looking forward to," said Yonn.

While he still has his timeshare, he still wants the con artists punished.

"I just hope they get what they deserve. I would like to have justice done to them," said Yonn.

He said he tried before to sell the time share online and believes the scammers may have contacted him that way.

So, if you get an unsolicited call to sell your timeshare, it is likely a scam. Also, if the caller asks for any kind of filing fees or closing costs before the property is sold, it is probably a scam.

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