12 On Your Side: Safety conference at local hotel, an elaborate scam by con artists

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / September 19, 2013


"I have no employment I'm out of a job, out of cash, I have nothing," says Dennis Tate he says he thought he had found a great opportunity after finding a job ad on Craigslist.

"Construction workers and painters." Tate says he called the number on the ad and spoke to a man claiming to own a construction company in Athens, Georgia and that it would be a 2-year project, says Tate.

"And if I was interested give him my social security number birth date and he would run a background," says Tate. He did and says he was offered the job but needed to pay $35 with a Green Dot money card first.

And that would confirm my seat at the Comfort Inn on Noland Connector Road for Friday at 9:30am safety meeting," says Tate.

He says something just didn't sound right.

"I called the Comfort Inn and they said they have no reservations for this construction company," says Tate. He says he later found that the address on the Craigslist ad matched an abandoned building on Gordon Highway across the street from the hotel.

"I knew it was a scam then," says Tate. Hours later he says the con artist called him even offering to meet him to get his Green Dot code. "I said you're not going to meet me nowhere because you are a scam artist and a piece of trash,"says Tate.

He is still plenty upset. "These people is out getting filthy rich off of people that is trying to work," says Tate.

And wonders how many folks looking to start work will show up on Friday. "Think how many people is going to be there tomorrow at 9:30 at the Comfort Inn waiting to go to work and there ain't gon be no work," says Tate.

To make it absolutely clear, the Comfort Inn on Gordon Highway has nothing to do with this scam. The manager told News 12 today that he has gotten several calls about this supposed safety meeting and has told those individuals that it is a scam.