12 On Your Side: SCE&G customers may be targeted by "spoofing" scam

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / August 12, 2013


The practice of spoofing is when you trick someone's caller I.D. into displaying a number that is not yours. It is so common that you can download spoofing apps right from your cell phone.

"We get people on the phone tryna sell stuff on the phone," says Bob Wall.

But in 40 years running his hardware store he says he has never had a call like the one he got last week. "We did get one the other day claiming he was from the Yellow Pages.

He says he verified it was a scam. Now folks including small business owners like Wall are being warned to look out for scam artists masquerading as SCE&G employees.

Gigi Turner with Augusta's Better Business Bureau says this latest scheme involves what is known as "spoofing". "It tricks you into believing that the number you see is coming from the person that's calling you and it's not," says Turner.

SCE&G says scammers have spoofed the utility's customer service number trying to convince folks that they need to buy a prepaid card to pay a late bill or their service would be cut-off immediately.

Wall says he would know exactly what to do. "I'd call the people over there at the place that they are and ask them if its okay," says Wall.
And that is what SCE&G suggests.

Calling them if you have any concerns about your account. And just like last week, Wall says he is not going to fall for the scam call. "I'm gonna try not to. I can't afford it," says Wall.

SCE&G says it will never ask customers to purchase prepaid cards to pay a bill. It says if you are not 100% sure you are talking to an SCE&G representative, hang up and call their customer service number at 1-800-251-7234..