12 On Your Side: SC Help mortgage assistance helped family keep home

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013

12 On Your Side

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- If you are a South Carolina homeowner struggling to make those monthly mortgage payments, there is some help for you. It is a mortgage relief program that is helping a lot of folks to stay in their homes.

The tough economy has left a lot of families struggling. The Johnsons' hardship started a couple of years ago, and they say without this program, they have no idea what they would have done.

"The home is life to us because it means everything because this is where my family is kept," Kenneth Johnson said.

A place he says is filled with peace and joy.

"It's everything for the kids and the wife. We just appreciate the home," he said.

After 12 years into his mortgage, Johnson was laid off.

"We were shocked at the time because it was totally unexpected," he said.

He's been looking for work ever since. Johnson says his unemployment was simply not enough to pay all the bills and he fell behind on the mortgage.

"I'm not a first-time home buyer -- in fact, I had a foreclosure," he said.

Not wanting to be foreclosed on again, he says he reached out for some extra help -- SC Help that is.

He says the program is providing him with the mortgage assistance he needs to stay in his home.

"I have an allotted amount of money they approved me for that they would use for the mortgage until things get better," Johnson said.

Some breathing room he says until he can land a new job that will be able to support him and his young family, and he's encouraging others to give SC Help a call.

"It won't fail you. It hasn't failed us," Johnson said.

SC Help has a monthly payment and direct loan assistance plan that provides a one-time maximum amount of $36,000 to homeowners. A qualification is that you must be unemployed and be eligible for unemployment benefits and if you are too far gone in the foreclosure process. The disposition plan will provide a one-time payment for moving and related expenses. For more information, call 1-855-435-7472. Click here for more information.

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