12 On Your Side: Muffler shop accused of installing used exhaust; no refund

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / September 27, 2013


"I wanted a Flowmaster exhaust on my truck," says Kevin McClendon. After spending $300 for a new exhaust system for his work truck, McClendon says The Performance Center at 2014 Gordon Highway in Augusta did a poor job. "I'm pretty pissed about it," says McClendon.

He says his trouble started when he dropped off his pickup around 3:30 Monday afternoon, with an understanding it would be ready by 6 that night. "I came back around 6 and they had not even started yet," says McClendon.

He says by 10:30 that night, the shop still had not finished working on his exhaust system.

"So me and my friend sat over there until about 12:30 at night waiting for them to finish," says McClendon. The next morning while driving to work, McClendon said he heard what he was sure was a problem with his exhaust system.

He took a closer look and he says a bracket holding up a muffler pipe had snapped off. "I got under the truck and looked at it and the welds were terrible and I saw it was a used exhaust, used muffler," says McClendon.

Frustrated he called The Performance Center looking for answers about why the shop installed used parts instead of new ones like he requested. "They admitted that it was used," says McClendon.

New12 called The Performance Center and then Richmond County Licensing, confirming the business owner as George Scott Dillard."

Dillard is currently in jail for a domestic violence charge. The business gave us the name and number of a woman who they said was running the business.

McClendon wanted a refund but was told no. After two days, 12 On Your Side, also heard back from the person The Performance Center referred us to and told us McClendon would not get a refund. "I'm just trying to get my money back, they can have their used exhaust.

"I just want to go somewhere else and get it fixed," says McClendon.
Mclendon says if he does not get a refund he is considering legal action against the company.