12 On Your Side: Motel 6 offers free rooms to local storm victims

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Jan. 29, 2014

12 On Your Side

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A local hotel is lending a helping hand to some folks who were impacted by winter storm Leon.

After hearing that some local shelters were filled to capacity, the motel opened its doors offering some southern hospitality.

"I heard something hissing and then I already knew it. All my neighbor's pipes had been busting," Kevin Hart said.

When his pipes busted it left him to clean a huge mess and he is not alone.

"Not too much damage, it's just the point of being without," Darrell Wynn said.

When his pipes burst flooding his home, it left him too without a place to stay.

"We're not really used to this snow situation," Wynn said.

Fortunately, neither Wynn nor Hart were left out in the cold.

Jennifer Miller is manager with Motel 6 in Augusta. The motel opened its doors last night to some unfortunate storm victims by offering free rooms to about a dozen families.

"We actually saw on the news that most of the shelters were full. The Salvation Army was filling up," said Miller.

She said she did not want to see folks left without a warm and safe place to hunker down.

"They're just really happy to have a place to go, especially the ones whose pipes busted," Miller said.

She says the motel still has a few available rooms for free to those still facing storm-related problems. Meanwhile, Wynn and Hart are thankful to Miller and her staff.

"I'm very grateful for Motel 6 to offer their room free for two evenings to me," said Hart. Wynn echoed a similar sentiment. "Just a big shot out to Motel 6 you know for lending a hand when people really need it," said Wynn.

Miller said once the remaining free rooms are taken the motel will offer other rooms at a discounted rate of $25 only through Wednesday night.

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