12 On Your Side: Keeping children safe on Halloween night

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News 12 This Morning/Thursday Oct. 31, 2013

(WRDW)--"She is 11 months old. She'll be a year old in two weeks. She's our first born and we have another one on the way," said Renee Reynolds.

Reynolds says she and her family don't traditionally celebrate Halloween, but they're attending a few festivals to give little 11-month-old Anastin her first taste of the Halloween season.

"We're going for fellowship and to just have a little bit of fun with her," she explained."But, next year's when she's going to be aware of and we'll have a costume for her."

Soon to be mom of two, Reynolds says her first priority on any Halloween night will be keeping her children safe.

"[It's] very important," she said. "So, for her, she'll probably wear something that's not encumbering and doesn't really block her face."

Seeing clearly is a must on Halloween night, according to Rene Hopkins, Safe Kids Greater Augusta coordinator.

"We want to be able to see well. So, think about replacing masks with face paint," Hopkins said. "That will make it easier for the child to see."

"I'm an artist and so I would probably paint her face before I'd put a mask on her," said Reynolds.

Another thing to consider--costume accessories like capes or other loose fitting items, which could be caught in a flame as an excited child makes his or her way to the front door.

"A lot of people like to put open flames in their pumpkins. Replace that with either a tap light or a glow stick or some sort of a battery operated light," Hopkins suggested.

And if you are going to use candles, consider carving your pumpkin from the bottom instead of the top.

Hopkins says the most important rule of the Halloween night--

"Be seen. It is really important to be able to be seen by other motorists, other pedestrians out and around by having a reflector or something retro-reflective built in to our costumes," she said.

Other things to consider tonight--footwear and action accessories.

Hopkins tells me slippers and heels are great for pictures, but when it's time to hit the road make sure children are in sturdy shoes with a full sole to cut down on trips, falls and punctures.

And, for children with action accessories like knives, swords and guns, make sure they're soft or bend.

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